Gigolo service in Delhi and Mumbai are becoming fashion

You heard a lot about female companion (Girl escorts) who get paid for the sexual relationship and hired by high society males but here i am going to tell you more about male prostitutions in Delhi and India's capital city Mumbai. A gigolo is known by many names as male stripper, male escorts, cowboys, call boys, male prostitute, male companionship ETC. Male prostitute or gigolo is not a new word but we always heard these words in movie and books but today it is real and becoming fashion for high class woman to hire handsome male escorts for sex and they pay good money for that. There is millions of high class woman who want to test something different in their sex life so they hire handsome boys as a one night stand partner and some high class woman group hire them for group sex or male strip dance and also they have more reason to hire a gigolo. City like Delhi and Mumbai there is many independent girls who live alone for the job or business. They are doing great in society, business and jobs and they are earning good salary and living high class life with high class thinking. They want to enjoy their life, they go to party, night club, pubs and hotels and many more. They are becoming leader for the Indian society and people follow them on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn ETC. They do not portend anything fake they are real woman of modern India. They have capacity to lead the county too and we feel proud to them. Apart from this our high class woman also has a sexual life and they want to make it bigger, larger and enjoyable so they hire our gigolo in Delhi and gigolo in Mumbai.

Real gigolo for high class woman in Mumbai and Delhi

Are you a real woman? Looking for some real fun? You are at right place for that. We are professional gigolo service provider in Delhi and Mumbai. Here you will get handsome male escorts for all you need and desire. if you are in Delhi or Mumbai staying in home, hotel or any private apartment just don't worry our gigolo (male escorts) can reach to you within some hours. Booking our gigolo Mumbai in advance can be good for you but we also try to provide the services at the last minutes. So when you need a gigolo Delhi/Mumbai just don't forget to call us. Our gigolo's are fully trained and educated they know how to please a woman in the bed and they know how to make a woman fully satisfied in sex because every woman have hidden sexual desire for sex and our gigolo fully understand that. Our gigolo's are fully fun and loving, they become male stripper and they do strip dance they can massage your body with oil and without oil. all our gigolo have long cock like 6-7 inches to satisfy you and they can have sex hours till you get full satisfied. So if you are looking for gigolo in Delhi/Mumbai just call us now at XXXXXXXXX.

Personal, Private & Confidential services to women

In India woman fear about leak sexual relationship because it is bad in our society to having sexual relationship before marriage or extra marital affairs even hiring a gigolo (male escorts) to fulfil sexual needs so the woman of Delhi/Mumbai need private & confidential services and here we are the first option for the woman who want sex with privacy and confidential. We never leak our woman client details to any other people we keep privacy as well as our woman client fully protected.

What a gigolo do?

Answer is not as easy as it seems because gigolo in Delhi do not only offer sex services or sex partner like one night stand on few hours meeting but also they do more extra work then sex. Gigolo is not hired for the sex only, some woman is live alone in city and they don't have such a male partner (Boyfriend or Husband). Our gigolo provides service and become her boyfriend and husband and go to walk the city or go to the pubs, disco or in private apartment to make the lady happy all the way. Our gigolo in Mumbai are professional they also offer massage to the woman and also yoga and spa services. So next time when you think about gigolo just don't think sex only. Our Delhi/Mumbai gigolo has much more work than that.

Why woman pay for gigolo?

Gigolos (male escorts) provide exclusive service to the woman that can be unforgettable moment for a woman and gigolo gets paid for no-strings-attached sex; this topic is viral all over world.

People think why woman pay for sex? When they can get it easily and free but woman just don't pay for sex, they are paying for "perfect boyfriend experience" and at the last they pay money to guy to go away.

"One of our female client said" i just don't want to spend a boring life there should be some fun if i am spending some money for my happiness what is wrong in that. If i buy sex for myself what is bad in that? I am also a human and i also have fantasy to date with a handsome male just like model, perfect body, tall and young guy to fulfil my sexual fantasy.

There are many movies about gigolos and it helped to all the male escorts to get female clients as well as made this service popular in Delhi/Mumbai. Now-a-days it is becoming fashion to get a gigolo for party and event when females feel alone in these big cities.

Gigolos provide ultimate fun to women that are dream for many woman of India. They just don't fuck hard or suck tits but also they do oral sex (suck vigina with tongue). Make female naked and they massage their body with soft hand and when woman get wet and aroused they start fucking in all Kama-sutra style or like a porn star, they do it continue 1-2 hours which can be enough for a woman to get satisfy and fulfil their sexual fantasy. That's our entire Gigolo in Delhi/Mumbai and why woman pay for gigolo.

The reasons behind hired gigolo

There are many women who are not satisfied from their sex life and there are many reasons behind it. Here we are explaining some.
1. Husband is not interested in sex due to erectile dysfunction or impotence.
2. Husband is tired after job and he don't want to involve in sex with his wife.
3. Husband is lost interest in sex and he doesn't want to sleep with his wife.
4. Woman is unmarried and looking for some fun
5. Woman in divorced and desperate for the sex
6. Woman is staying far away from her husband
7. Woman is bored with regular sex and she wants something special in her life.
8. Woman has seen such a porn movie and likes to have sex like that.
9. Woman is not fully satisfied with her husband and seeking some extra fun
10. Woman is looking for some extra fun and some extra sexual position sex and oral sex ETC.

Beware From Fraudulent Websites or Gigolo Club

There are many fraudulent male escorts websites available on the internet and these all website has one work just want to they offer gigolo jobs to the people who want to become a gigolo in Mumbai or gigolo in Delhi. They are just keeping a registration fee to join gigolo service. They ask money in their bank account for the membership and after paying the amount for the registration. They avoid receiving phone calls and they are completely failed to provide female for the person who paid money to become a gigolo. So we are saying please stop paying money to these people they don't have any job and they don't have any female clients.